Hectares Of

20 Min

Away From Rionegro’s
international airport


Stable Temperatures
All Year






Anandamida Gardens S.A.S. is a Colombian company based in Medellín, Antioquia, with cultivation and extraction facilities in a 4.7 Ha farm in Rionegro, Antioquia. The company has been granted all the required licenses to cultivate, process, and produce cannabis derivatives.

We have registered 106 proprietary cannabis varietals with the Agricultural Institute of Colombia for agronomical tests. Anandamida’s multidisciplinary team has dedicated more than 5 years in R&D efforts in growing, extracting techniques and developing proprietary formulas to be used in patients to treat chronic diseases.

The management team has proven experience in managing agricultural and international public and private companies in Colombia. The company’s location, in Eastern Antioquia, provides optimal cultivation variables with stable temperatures, and access to cost efficient, sustainable and clean water, just 20 minutes from José María Córdoba International Airport in the municipality of Rionegro.



The company has monitored data from hundreds of medical practitioners and 5,000+ patients using cannabimimetic and modulation of the ECS therapies under medical surveillance. This process has provided valuable experience determining dosage strategies, prescriptions and follow-up protocols for future products.

Anandamida is committed to advance the Endomedicine scientific investigation and educating about its therapeutic potential. That is why the company hosts the annual International Endomedicine Seminar in Colombia, receiving more than 500 practitioners who want to learn about the effects of cannabis and complementary therapies to treat chronic diseases.

Directorio Medico


In 2020, we are hosting the Webinar “Endomedicine: Cannabis, psychedelics and complementary therapies” with the collaboration of ICEERS and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and with international experts from Spain, Italy, USA, Colombia and Brazil. The 2020 covid-19 pandemic has taught us a lot, and one of the lessons learned is that cannabis is an essential service for people, and that includes cannabis education and training.

Also there’s a renaissance of scientific investigation done with other plants and substances that have immense therapeutic power for treating depression, anxiety, addiction and PTSD among other conditions. Anandamida Gardens works with scientific institutions around the world to understand more and to look for ways to design innovative treatments.