In Colombia, we have seen that Cannabidiol formulas extracted from the whole plant can stop the progress of the tuberous sclerosis complex and there are EEGs, resonances, tomographies that demonstrate, at least in a child patient without pharmacological medication, a surprisingly good evolution with Cannabidiol.

The child is already going to enter the garden, he is cute, big, he does not have any tumor growth, he does not have infantile spasms, the neurocutaneous symptoms have stopped and the last EEG, with activation through sleep deprivation, does not show epileptiform activity.
Some medical communities in Colombia say: “That does not have enough studies” but they are already doing it in Europe and the USA.

Let’s carry out our own studies and evidence, let’s not wait for the comfort that others give us the signed phase 3 to be able to prescribe.

Priority: academic research with Cannabis in Colombia and with Colombians.

Anandamide Gardener